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1) What is Slidefy?

Slidefy is the world’s easiest way to share your presentations to your target audience. When organizing a seminar, workshop, educational lecture or just a meeting with colleagues, the best way to share your message with your audience is to Slidefy it. Follow the four steps and the documents will be delivered to your audience at the chosen time. Upload presentations, add receivers, choose service level and, finally confirm the details and pay. Slidefy converts your documents into web pages that are light enough to be browsed with any device: mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

What happens next is that your audience receives an email which includes a link to the latest presentation. In the same message they will also find all the earlier presentations shared with the email address user. So, all your audience needs is an access to the Internet and it´s easy for them to return to the presentations through their email anytime, anywhere they want.

2) How does my target audience benefit from using

Slidefy is the easiest way to share your presentations not only for you, but also for your audience. Do you find it hard to share different types of presentations on multiple emails with heavy attachments, with flash drives which are very un-ecological and easy to lose and also by paper pads or CDs? Make it easy for your audience and use Slidefy every time you need to share a presentation. The email your audience gets from Slidefy is actually an archive to see all the presentations slidefied to them: Slidefy recognizes the receivers email address and gathers all your presentations to the latest Slidefy email. In case you happen to lose your latest summary, you can re-send it at

The benefits in a nutshell:

  1. No heavy attachments, flash drives, paper pads or CDs required
  2. The easiest choice for you audience
  3. Get your idea across to your audience– No competing ads on webpages
  4. No fear of losing the presentation

3) How to become a Slidefyer?

Anyone with an email inbox can become a Slidefyer just by registering to Follow the four steps to create an event and share the presentations. By registering you’ll also get access to My Slidefy where you can manage all your events and credits. As a licensed Slidefyer you don’t need to worry about running out of credits.

4) What does Slidefying require?

Using Slidefy to share your presentations requires an email account and Internet connection.

To browse presentations sent to your email address you need a handset – mobile phone, tablet or laptop – with Internet connection.

5) What happens to my presentations and email contacts when uploaded to Slidefy?

First of all, your contacts and presentations are safe with us. Documents uploaded to Slidefy will be converted into web pages to be browsed by Slidefy player. The original documents will not be stored by Slidefy, so keep them safe on your own computer if you think you’ll need them in the future, too.

The contact information of the receivers added to will only be used to send your audience the latest summary of presentations with your event on the top of the list. The contact information will not be used by Slidefy or any of our partners for marketing purposes. The contact information will also not be handed over to third parties unless the law requires so.

6) What devices and file formats does Slidefy support?

Slidefy supports any device with Internet connection and browser. Therefore, you can use Slidefy

- on PC or Mac computer

- on any mobile phone , e.g. Nokia, Samsung, iPhones, LG, HTC, SonyEricsson etc.

- on any tablet, like HP, iPad, Motorola, Samsung, Lenovo, etc.

Slidefy can also be used with any browser: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Chrome or any other browser you may use.

The file formats Slidefy supports are PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx), Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), Word (.doc, .docx) and Open Office (.odp, .odt). The selection of supported file types is constantly being extended, so feel free to suggest a file type you think should be supported.

7) What are the differences between service levels?

There are three levels to choose from:

First, to assure the service works like it’s supposed to, you can choose the Free Trial. It gives you the chance to create and event, upload one presentation and share it with two receivers. After the test drive, you are ready to become a real Slidefyer!

One Chance Slidefyer is a perfect choice for you if you have only one upcoming event which includes several presentations to be shared. You will get to upload an unlimited number of presentations on and share them with an unlimited number of receivers.

The third option is to choose the Unlimited Slidefyer. This is a perfect choice for you if you have several upcoming events and you need an easy way to share multiple presentations with your audience. You get a yearly license to use Slidefy with no limits. In addition, you and your organization get the chance to buy sublicenses. These extra user names give your colleagues the chance to use Slidefy with the same unlimited rights but much lower costs.

8) What are the payment options available?

There are three options available:

  • VISA or MasterCard. To pay the charge, just click on logo and follow the instructions.
  • PayPal. Log in to your PayPal account or sign up for PayPal as a new customer. You will be redirected to the payment site and after confirmation back to
  • Invoice. Give the information needed for the invoice.

9) How long does store my presentations?

For now, the time of storing the presentations is not limited, but in the future there may be some limitations due to server capacity. However, we guarantee that the presentations will be available for browsing at least for a year. Please note, that Slidefy will only store the presentations as converted to web pages, not the original files. Therefore, saving the original documents on your own computer for later use is recommended.

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