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Be sure that Slidefying works for you too. Create an event and Slidefy your presentation to two friends. After this you are assured of service excellence and ready to become one of full-time Slidefyers.

One chance Slidefyer

Want to impress the target audience of your upcoming event? Choose One Chance Slidefyer and you´ll be able to send an unlimited number of presentations to all receivers you wish. Unlimited number of presentations and receivers but only one chance to impress your target audience.

Unlimited Slidefyer

Take the full advantage and choose to Slidefy all your presentations. You´ll get the possibility to create an unlimited number of events and presentations and to share them with an unlimited number of receivers. To share the good news in your organization we offer the possibility to purchase sublicenses (extra user names) with the same unlimited benefits with only 270€ / year (VAT 0%).

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